The time we’ve all been waiting for has finally come! The Walking Dead premiere aired last night on AMC and we have a new episode of The Talking Dead.

Jason and I do an extensive recap, including our thoughts on the episode as well as look at what’s to come next week.

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  2. The way I see the moment he sees the hatch is this.

    Rick Grimes is the sort of character that is always thinking. His thoughts are constantly in motion which is what identifies him as a good leader. As soon as he saw the hatch he moved without thinking.

    I found nothing awkward about that moment and it made complete sense to me. He likely hadn’t noticed it before because he was so focused on the zombies but it was when he rolled over that he saw it.

  3. Magic Hatch?! What about the fact that Rick sees the helicopter reflected on the side of a building and races towards the building and NOT behind him. His head must be still foggy for the coma. GREAT SHOW!

  4. i just watched the second episode, what did you think of merle as a villian?, i thought this episode was a great beacuse i didint know what was gonna happen in it,
    i cant wait for the next episode, for the same reason!
    keep up the great work, guys

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