The Talking Dead #297: s7e7 – “Sing Me A Song”

Here’s our podcast for season 7 episode 7, “Sing Me A Song”. Was there still too much Negan? Should Carl have taken the shot when he had the chance? Does everybody think it’s called a machine gun? Tune in for the answers to these questions as we recap this episode and read your Holy crap!? moments.

NOTE: If you downloaded this episode right away, please re-download if you can. there was a small error in the original file that I have now fixed. Thanks!

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Music this week is “City of Angels” by The Head and the Heart.

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3 comments on The Talking Dead #297: s7e7 – “Sing Me A Song”

  1. Thomas in Colorado says:

    Given beauty shot of Negan’s industrial castle in this episode, I now wonder if the “PPP” card Tara found near the bridge is for “Potomac Power Plant”?

    DC/Alexandria is on/near the Potomac River; and they do seem to have some electricity (‘Easy Street’ player, Dwayne watches TV all night). If some elements are active, the access card might be related and be a way in for one of our budding Negan assassins.

    Haven’t read comics, so no idea if there’s more info on Negan’s lair there. Just a ponder…

    Thanks for great discussions!

    1. LATE says:

      that is so spot on it must be true

  2. Mike says:

    I don’t think this episode is working anymore on Stitcher.

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