The Talking Dead #307: s7e10 – “New Best Friends”

This week on the podcast Jason and I recap season 7 episode 10 of The Walking Dead, “New Best Friends”. Tune in for our thoughts on this new group of scavengers, and all your Holy Crap!? moments.

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Music this week is “New Best Friend” by Lejeune.

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3 comments on The Talking Dead #307: s7e10 – “New Best Friends”

  1. Ian from Bonnie Scotland says:

    In all honesty this was the biggest piece of scheitte epioode of all the series so far. A community where hand gestures and mono-syllabic answers / commands are the norm. Utter garbage. The beginning of the episode, IIRC, where the Kingdom handed over goods was pretty good. Apart from that phuqen phanny Morgan !!!!!! Honestly what a phuqen bufty (Scottish colloquialism 😉 ) he has become. “Can I have my ball back mister” 🙂 What a dipshit 🙂 Now on to the dicks in the scrap yards !!!. “Take him to the Up Up” ?? again IIRC. Utter nonsense and quite honestly lazy directorial and script writing pish. So civilization has regressed so far in a few years that mono-syllabic commands are the norm when the rest of the survivors still manage to speak reasonably eloquently and intelligently. Then to top it off Carol “I vant to be alone” !!! and Cletus the long haired yokel reunion . Sorry but imho Darrel would have told her about Glen and Abraham, his outspoken attitude prior to this would dictate so and to portray otherwise is pathetic. Yes he cares for Carol but FFS he wants an army and she would be an excellent, if reluctant, recruit. Seriously tho`as mentioned earlier this was piush and if there is another episode like this the I can see the ratings nose diving . The post may be a bit mixed up and not as eloquent as I would hope (Guzzling home brewed Pilsner at the moment) so geez a brek folks 🙂 🙂 Anywhoo I thoroughly enjoy your podcasts and listen to them avidly. So much so that I have started re-listening again and again, such is the quality of the podcast. Keep up the great work 🙂

  2. Gregory Hudgell says:

    Hey Jason and Chris, big fan of talking dead (&6degrees) just thought you should check out this little zombie clip if you haven’t seen it already, made me feel so much !

    And my holy crap moment did you see that !

    That garbage maze is huge ! They totally need to lure negans group there to mess them up, loads of terminator zombies ! #darylVdwightcrossbowfight
    Many thanks

    Greg Hudgell

    Swansea wales U.K

  3. Susie W says:

    I totally got the scene that was re-enacted that you played almost immediately. Maybe because it was so heart-breaking for me. I think the woman characterizing Beth did a better job than the guy, though he did better toward the end.

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