The Talking Dead #310: s7e12 – “Say Yes”

Jason and I sit down to recap and chat about season 7 episode 12 of The Walking Dead, “Say Yes”. Tune in to hear our thoughts on Rick’s poor decisions, the terrible CGI deer, and Michonne’s katana skills.

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Music this week is “Say Yes” by Tim Burgess.

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2 comments on The Talking Dead #310: s7e12 – “Say Yes”

  1. smokie1019 says:

    Quiet while stalking the dear? Rick might has well have been stomping along as a one man band.
    I couldn’t believe how loud he was.

  2. I think you missed the point of the rifle fire at the carney booth. This was a reference back to when Michonne first pulled the rifle out of the fireplace and went to do some target practice and couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn. Her nerve was gone after the murders of Glenn and Abe. But now, after much good loving from Rick she has her groove back and is popping off milk bottles at 300 yards. That’s the reason for the celebration, she’s a bad ass again. Advanced class, indeed.

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