Since we missed our regular feedback show last week, Jason and I double up this time with feedback from the last two episodes of The Walking Dead. Should the show depict more romance between Rick and Michonne? What’s up with Dwight and lollipops? What kind of whiskey does Chris collect? Tune in for the answers to these questions and a whole lot more.

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  1. Okay. I listen to your podcast often and I happened to be listening to this one today. I would have wished that it could have been read on the podcast but I am definitely too late. I DO NOT understand this thing that people talk about when they say that there is no chemistry between Rick and Michonne or that their relationship came out of nowhere. I am quite frankly baffled! Rick and Michonne have had chemistry since they met at the prison fence! I know it is easy to argue the race thing, but I have to mention it here. If Danai Gurira looked like she looked but was fairer-skinned or white, everyone would have seen the chemistry right away. The dark skinned black woman and white male relationship is nearly ever seen. And dark-skinned black women have almost always been shown as unattractive or unloveable or ‘too strong” to have a man, certainly unattractive to white males, especially the lead white male of the show. The chemistry was ALWAYS there but most people were too focused on Michonne being strong and not needing a man to care. Many jumped on the Jessie and Rick ship immediately even though she was weak and they were barely in a relationship and Rick was “off his rocker” at the time too. Honestly , I find this no chemistry thing utter rubbish. You all need to look at all the episodes with them again. Rick was in love with her for a long time without realising it. Look I sound a bit miffed, but I cannot help it because I could not take the nonesense. Sorry. Have a nice day anyway. Keep doing a good job with the podcast!

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