This week Jason and I discuss the season 7 finale of The Walking Dead! Tune in for our full recap, along with your Holy crap!? Moments, the official deadline for our season 7 Record Your Favourite Scene Contest, plus more!

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  1. This is specifically dedicated to all the daft people out there who don’t understand why the Scavenger’s betrayed Rick for Negan to supply them with 10 people. This is how slavery works, non? People are a valuable resource, especially if you want a service class.
    The Scavenger’s made a deal for 12 people with Negan. He says “10” because he knows how valuable they are to do all the grunt work the gang/tribe/town’s people don’t want to do or is too dangerous for them to do.
    This is how slavery works, are you people daft?! The Scavenger’s weren’t trading for 10 of Negan’s people, they were trading for 10 of the defeated Alexandria’s people. If it had gone Negan’s way, Carl would be dead, Rick would be handless, and Rick’s strongest troops/allies/confidants/advisers would be sold or bartered away like mere property. SMH shame that people don’t realize that that is always the end result of war: bondage for some and privilege for others.

  2. I started clapping at the tiger moment. Next season better be good without unnecessary filler or horrifyingly terrible special effects or, like the dead in this show, I’m walking!!! I also really thought they took Michonne outta the game. Wtf happened to Gregory?! Lol did he and his driver get lost on their way to Negan?! Rosita and Carol better get to work rigging explosives in the trees surrounding Alexandria and Negan better stop all that damn talking. I want him to be so pissed next season that he simply kills without hesitation, I think it would be more real. They lost an amazing sniper when Sasha died but they still got a couple others (Maggie is the ish and Michonne) that can take that position. Oh and they just GOTTA kill Tara and that gay guy’s boyfriend, Eric, cuz ewwww. I want Rick to go all Dexter on Negan once he gets him and I would love it if one (or two) of Negan’s wives end up hooking up with Darryl because he set them free cuz Darryl ain’t have no p$#!: since this whole thing started. Oy! Can we get my man Darryl some p@$#:?! Yep, I’m excited for next season as long as it doesn’t suck salty sweaty balls. Yes! I love me some Negan!!! Also, it’s official, “Coral aka Carl is the effing boss cuz he SET IT OFF!!!”

  3. Hi Guys!
    Just wanted to answer some of your questions. First, the pancakes are a reference (from the producers, not Negan) to Abraham’s Bisquik remark to Glen in Season 6…remember? “When you were pouring the Bisquik, were you trying to make pancakes?”

    Wondering if you read the comics? Dwight is completely on Rick’s side. He has no reason to be loyal to Negan. He had NO idea the damn Scavengers and their leader crazy-ass Jadis were going to betray Rick. By the way…what the hell…I certainly hope Rick completely destroys her and the Junkyard…although, I have a sneaking suspicion that she is going to come back as Alpha, but I digress.

    But really…Dwight is awesome. Give him a break. Rick not being afraid of Negan or whatever he does from now on…was AWESOME. Was so good to see him scare Negan like that, AND Shiva! When Negan ran and kept screaming, it was fantastic! Ezekiel showing up, and his line, “Alexandria will not fall…not this day!”, Rick standing up to Negan, and Shiva were the best parts of the episode. I cannot forget Sasha coming out of the casket though…and Negan freaking out. Loved it.

    Thanks so much for your podcast! It is VERY well done.

  4. Maggie and Sasha sitting on a log happened in the episode where they spent the night in a barn and a storm came and they all got up and held the door closed as walkers tried to get in. This was right before they met Aaron. Season 5 episode 10.

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