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Thanks for checking out The Talking Dead. This is episode #32, in which Jason and I recap episode 4 of the show, titled “Vatos”. We also bring you a couple of Walking Dead news items, take a quick look back at the episode 3, preview episode 5, and top it all off with some listener feedback.

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  1. Hey lads,
    The writing credit they showed was exclusively that of Robert Kirkman.

    I, too, thought it was a wonderful opening sequence. It is moments like this that will help define this show. Wonderful job.

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  3. In Shaun of the Dead, they did use zombie. In the back yard, they had the “don’t say the Z-word” part. Great movie. Just got girlfriend to watch is before The Walking Dead, which she is also really enjoying, except she hates Shane.

  4. You are both right that there was no psychic dream. It was all about stress, and when something consumes your life, you will dream about it. Happens all the time, whether having just watched a movie (recently had a messed up asylum dream after watching Shutter Island), a TV show (been having zombie dreams on sunday nights), or a life situation. Any one thinking it’s a psychic dream is just being silly.

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