Since we got so much good feedback from listeners about the season 7 finale, we decided to dedicate another entire episode to your thoughts and comments. Was season 7 too slow? How did The Kingdom people get inside Alexandria? What about Bob!?

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Comments (2)
  1. I think the Maggie and Sasha sunrise scene happened at the Hilltop after Abraham and Glenn die. Also, Sasha is wearing Bob’s shirt. So I think that is a nod that she is thinking about him too.

  2. Also, Im trying to understand the timeline of what Dwight did during the battle. Did he just pretend to shoot at Alexandrians? During the episode, I assumed he had double crossed the Alexandrians too. And when they get back to the Sanctuary, Dwight told Negan the Alexandrian’s plans. So who’s side is he on. Lastly, if he hadn’t cut down the trees, the Saviors would have arrived hours earlier and the Hilltop/Kingdom would have arrived way too late. So it did change the outcome.

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