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Thanks for checking out The Talking Dead #33. This week on the show we recap episode #5 of The Walking Dead titled “Wildfire”, take a quick look back at “Vatos”, and read some listener feedback. Not only that, but we try to predict what will happen in next week’s season finale, and introduce our latest contest!

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Comments (5)
  1. did you hear that frank darabount just fired the entire writing staff!

    i hope this doesnt cause the second season to be super delayed

  2. Hey Kyle, I was reading an article on Screenrant that talked about the reasoning behind going freelance with the writers which apparently isn’t unheard of in the tv industry. Darabont wrote 2 of the scripts, Kirkman wrote one, and one writer wrote another. With Darabont having his scratchers dipped in to four of the scripts that only left two scripts for the writers to actually write.

    I am sure that although the writing may initially be inconsistent, that Darabont and the other producers will knead the dough til its all nice and smooth.

    I don’t think a delay would be in the cards at all.

    As far as my suggestion as Merle becoming The Governor, well, I think I would like to rescind that spot of speculation and displace it with DARYL becoming the governor. Take a look at the two side by side. Did you see that look he shot when everyone was talking about family?

    Just sayin.

  3. what a great episode ts-19
    to bad there wasent morgan in the last episode.

    i liked how it showed rick in the hospital, and shane basiclly saving his life.

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