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Season 1 of The Walking Dead has now wrapped up, and while I’m a little bummed that it’s over I’m also really happy that it was so damn good. Please check out this week’s podcast in which we bring you some Walking Dead news, a look back at episode #5 (“Wildfire”), and a recap of the season finale, “TS-19”.

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  1. It was an air strike that hit the hospital you can clearly hear the jet and 2-3 secs later was impact,most likely called in by the Marines retreating the building with the civilians.

    Checking the chest is actually the proper thing to do as a person in a coma can have blood pressures so low as to not have a discernible pulse.

    In the teaser of wildfire it showed F 34 CJ TS-19 in Vye’s playback.Also shown is rate of Necrosepsis whatever it is.

    The grenade used was an M-67 fragmentation grenade it’s filled with 6.5 ounces of composition B it has a 5m kill radius and a 15m dispersal radius and has been known to have shrapnel land as far as 250m away,it has a four second fuse.

    Concussive grenades are long and cylindrical like a flash bang.

    And great fricking game vs the Caps Leafs great comeback.


    • “Dispersal” is wrong it’s 15m casualty radius.

      I was posting a reply on TWD forum about HIT and FAE bombs.

      high-impulse thermobaric weapons and fuel-air explosives cause I think were all in agreement they were just to darn close like 200ft on a good day all their ear drums would of blown out and Andrea and Dale’s organs would of been liquefied.

      At the very least all the dead bodies should of come flying at them which would of been really cool to see.

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