The Talking Dead #341: s8e1 – “Mercy”

The Walking Dead is back for season 8, and Jason and I are excited to recap episode 1, “Mercy”! We also read your holy crap moments, and announce another edition of our Record Your Favourite Scene contest.

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3 comments on The Talking Dead #341: s8e1 – “Mercy”

  1. Jonathan Powell says:

    Hi Chris & Jason,
    In the last podcast you guys were talking about how they should have brought back Addy Miller to play the part of the walker in the scene with Carl, well they actually did. Here is an article about it;

    Looking forward to this weeks feedback show.

  2. Lisa Chimento says:

    Whoa Lucille Bam-ba-lam She’s from Negan land!
    Whoa Lucille Bam-ba-lam She had a slam!
    Whoa Lucille Bam-ba-lam Damn thing gone wild!
    Whoa Lucille Bam- ba-lam!

  3. Neil Stanforth says:

    Hi guys, great podcast.
    Quick suggestion on the “Rick taking Polaroids”
    Rick took the photo after him and the team riddled Negans lair with bullets, explosions and Walkers.
    Personally I think he’ll use this Polaroid when talking to other “Negans” outposts. Showing them what’s been done to the main compound may convince any outposts that
    A – Negan is finished
    B – “This is what we did it Negans compoud, don’t make us do this to yours”

    Just a thought, keep up the good work

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