It’s our listener feedback show for season 8 epside 3, “Monsters”. How did Negan know to move the guns to Gavin’s outpost? Was bringing Morales back for 5 minutes worth it? Is it time for a new show-runner and writing staff on The Walking Dead? Tune in for the answers to these questions, and a lot more.

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  1. Hello Jason and Chris!

    Thank you for re-designing the website; it looks good and is much easier to navigate.

    Here are the reasons I stopped watching TWD about episode 11 or 12 of season 7:

    Strike 1: The intro of several unbelievable characters: the tiger, Ezekiel, Scavengers, etc. These elements may play well in comic-book form, but in a TV show with such great acting and SFX, the material needs to be elevated. They are all just… too… silly.
    Strike 2: The circularly repetitive plot.
    Strike 3: Main characters that should have died long ago.
    Strike 4: Too many characters.

    Now, this is a real shame because I love the acting and story, I’m interested in Carl’s continual progress towards manhood, and Eugene is wonderfully and awkwardly unexpected.

    Maybe I will binge watch the season over holiday break, but for now, I have zero interest.

    By the way, you gentlemen are always great – best podcast on the “internets”. Oh, and your podcast was mentioned on FilmSack’s episode #357.


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