The Talking Dead #35: “Slid Right Off Your Face”

Hi folks,

Here is episode #35 of The Talking Dead. Since we don’t have a show to recap this week (and of course won’t for a long time 🙁 ), Jason and I bring it back to our old format of reporting the news. We also get caught up on all our listener feedback, and announce the winner of our poster contest!

Here’s the rundown:

Coming up next week is a special podcast with Jason & Karen from The Walking Deadcast. Make sure you tune in for that!

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2 comments on The Talking Dead #35: “Slid Right Off Your Face”

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  2. Mark says:

    August 7th would be perfect and they could easily air the finale on a Monday.

    lol the Han Solo rule.

    Being pregnant would be so dangerous what if they miscarried.

    Merle ain’t the Governor.

    And the Governor is a pedophile if you take Michonnes word for it.

    Merle is military either he will play a key role in season 2 or they will just leave him out completely which will be sad.

    Rifling is the grooves in the barrel of a gun to give it the turn.

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