This week on the podcast Jason and I recap and discuss season 8 episode 6, titled “The King, The Widow, and Rick”. We also chat about the big news regarding the cross-over character, read your holy crap moments, and have an important announcement at the end.

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  1. Hi Jason & Chris, my name is Marta and I’m from Madrid, Spain. I hope Jasper is getting better by now.

    This was actually my favorite episode so far. Lots of things happening. Certainly wasn’t so dark, wasn’t dumb, no bullets without target flying around, most of the characters in it..just as TWD show used to be. I enjoyed every minute of it. That scene of Carol was really touching. What a scene!

    About Daryl and Tara showing at the exact moment… why not? They were heading to the Sanctuary as well as Michone and Rosita, so they also heard music and went to stop the truck… then they see Michone and Rosita, but I don’t think they had seen them before.

    What I really want to see next episode or last before mid-season is if anyone cares about Rick being at the Junkplace. A question Id like to ask is of Carl… was that in present time or later in the second line of the future?

    Thanks for the show I really enjoy it every week. About the Charity Fund, what counts is the intention and I guess we all know this was a good thing. I hope the show never ends I really enjoy it and look forward to see it on Mondays. Is the best show ever

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