It’s back to The Sanctuary (mostly) this week on The Walking Dead. Tune in for our thoughts on this Eugene-centric episode as we break down season 8 episode 7, “Time For After”. We also read your holy crap moments, and provide an update on the November charity situation. Thanks for listening!

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  1. Eugene was still recording on the rooftop when Dwight confessed to helping Rick’s group. When Eugene is telling Negan his plan, he says he has a bonus, improving the intercom. What if he plans to blast the recording throughout the Sanctuary when Dwight can’t stop him?

  2. Left this comment in wrong section, sorry. Hey guys, chris from Baltimore. Anyhow, I just wanted to discuss my thoughts on Jadis a bit. I believe when Rick said “you grazed me”, he believes this. By that I mean, it’s clear Jadis has a thing for Rick. I do not think she wants him dead, which is why she “grazed” him. Rick knowing this allowed him to take advantage by going to the dump alone. Jadis appears to be on his side and I can imagine she is always trying to defend him to her people, but in the end she listens to her people and went against Rick and joined Negan. So the whole time he was in that container Jadis was trying to talk her people into possibly joining Rick in her own way. She apparently lost and settled on making a sculpture of him so she could always have him to look at after her people kill him. So Jadis wants Rick alive in the end as she lusts after him, so Rick escaping May in a way be exactly what Jadis has needed to convince her people to join Rick. Maybe I’m wrong here, but either way, we can’t discount that lust she has for him. It is a weak spot, Rick knows this

  3. Do you guys think that the sickness Gabriel got was from the radioactive / toxic zombies. The ones that shiva gets taken down by. They took a moment to show the barrels that were around that were marked as hazardous. Perhaps it’s a toxic zombie?

    • Hi Darth Grimes,

      There were some changes to the audio player in the latest version of WordPress and it’s temporarily broken the ability to directly download the audio files. For now, the latest episode is downloadable from the main home page. Look for the little cloud icon in the feature section below the main navigation.

      I’m working on a solution for the rest of the episodes, but in the mean time you can download most older episode directly from Apple Podcasts or other podcast directories.

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