The Talking Dead #355: s8e8 – “How it’s Gotta Be”

This week on the podcast Jason and I recap the season 8 mid-season finale, “How it’s Gotta Be”. Were we surprised by the super-shocking moment that AMC teased last week? Tune in to find out, and thanks for listening!

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4 comments on The Talking Dead #355: s8e8 – “How it’s Gotta Be”

  1. Lesley Beach says:

    I felt like I needed night vision goggles fo r this past episode. Why was it shot l in the dark. You couldn’t see when Carl got bit.Where was the guy he saved? Hanging out in the sewer the whole time?This episode was extremely disappointing.I have watched the Walking Dead from day 1.I feel like it’s faded out this season

  2. randal says:

    Hi from Randal in Minnesota or as i like to say southern Canada.
    I realize there is a lot to talk about in this season finale but if you could squeeze in a couple minutes to address the fact that Maggie is not showing her pregnancy, it would put my mind to rest. It really bothers me that she is not showing, is my show time and real time all messed up? i would think there would be at least a baby bump by now. Please help me understand.


  3. Randal J says:

    what about the helicopter rick saw?

  4. Marcia Heiney says:

    I have watched a great many TV series in my life. The WD has been the best ever however I also know that when the cast that was introduced to you in the beginning. The ones that you have invested a lot of time in and have became like part of your life are killed or replaced you start to lose interest. After killing Glenn and now Carl I am at that point. Scott Gimple is making a huge mistake going down this road.

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