The Talking Dead #366: “Dead or Alive Or” Feedback

It’s our feedback show for The Walking Dead season 8 episode 11, “Dead or Alive Or”. What are the rules of this universe? Is Tara just as bad as Dwight? What do giraffes have in common with mice? Tune in for the answers to these questions and a whole lot more.

Check out the article “We Need to Talk About the Pathology of the Zombie Virus on ‘The Walking Dead’“.

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2 comments on The Talking Dead #366: “Dead or Alive Or” Feedback

  1. Cindy Heinemann-Catlett says:

    How can the virus turn anyone? We have watched everyone that kills a walker….with a mouthful of blood or brains? Confused considering everyone is infected already?

    1. Cindy Heinemann-Catlett says:

      …I am referring to Negan using the blood and guts on the arrow heads.

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