The hilltop has to go on the defensive, but Simon seems to have no plan of attack at all! Tune in this week for our full recap of The Walking Dead season 8 episode 13, “Do Not Send Us Astray”.

Music for this episode is “Goddess On A Hiway” by Mercury Rev.

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  1. Hey did you see how fricking stupid Henry was? Why open the gate? If your plan is to shot someone that barb wire and mesh fencing provides plenty of openings. Also why is there no guard on duty to prevent the stupidity?

    I seriously hope Henry dies to atone for his stupidity

    • Mike

      I totally agree with you! Another thing that makes me mad is why isn’t Morgan, Carol or the King babysitting Henry to prevent that sort of thing from happening. No let’s just have the kid walk around with a gun wanting revenge. Now next weeks ep will be all about finding Henry and making sure he is safe.

      If they find him I hope they at least yell at the kid. I mean Carl got talked to plenty of times, when he has done something stupid. I hate Henry and hope he dies as well.

  2. Hi Chris and Jason! I love your podcast and I love the walking dead!
    I am writing to you guys in regards to the zombie gut weapons. I have read all the comics so far and I have seen every episode; and this whole issue with the zombie gut weapons turning folks doesn’t work for me… the only thing I can figure, is that the zombie guts are super extra dirty and they aren’t cleaning these wounds when people are being treated, so now maybe their just dying of a good old fashioned, normal infect?
    The comics did better with this story arch, in my opinion; simply because they didn’t have Rick stabbing himself after the zombie, or the other contradictions we have seen. It’s not very well done, but I still choose to watch and love the show. Thanks guys!

    Jana Hirth
    Des Moines, Iowa

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