The Talking Dead #372: s8e15 – “Worth”

Aaron delivers a message to the Oceansiders, Negan retakes control of The Sanctuary, and Simon get his comeuppance. Tune in this week for our full recap of The Walking Dead season 8 episode 15, “Worth”.

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One comment on “The Talking Dead #372: s8e15 – “Worth”

  1. Marcia McMahan says:

    Hi Chris and Jason,
    I was having Talking Dead withdrawal symptoms last week, but feel better now. Thanks for all you do.
    We will miss Simon, but I think the death was worth is to see his walker. How awesome to see Steven Ogg make that walker his own!
    Eugene’s escape was also a highlight this week. Rosita should kill him for that stunt!
    I am full of apprehension for the season finale because there are so many loose ends.
    Marcia at the Beach in North Carolina

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