Jesus helps Morgan decide which end to use; Team Rick faces off with Negan and The Saviours; and Maggie isn’t sure they did the right thing. Tune in this week for our full recap of The Walking Dead season 8 finale, “Wrath”. Plus, Jason plays my finale prediction, and we read your holy crap moments!

Music for this episode is “War Is Over” by Lowland Hum.

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  1. Maggie won’t get into another relationship. She will stay faithful to her dead husband, Glenn.

    Daryl didn’t go against Rick in the field because it was public. He’s not argued against Rick publically since season 2. But Daryl is still very angry and bitter and will follow through on killing Dwight if given the option. Dwight did legitimately help the group so Daryl is letting him live. But I believe Daryl will kill him if he returns. And I believe he would kill Negan if given the chance. He sees himself as responsible for Glenn’s death and he’ll do anything Maggie asks of him out of a sense of guilty.

    It’s an interesting twist from the comics if Maggie becomes a villian in the next season, joined by Daryl. But I don’t believe Jesus will take an active part in that. Scott Gimple did comment on Talking Dead that it does appear that Maggie and crew are forming a rebellion.

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