The Talking Dead #396: s9e1 – “A New Beginning”

The Walking Dead returned this week for season 9, with “A New Beginning”. It’s been a year and a half since season 8 ended, and lots has changed. Tune in for our recap of the episode, along with some of your Holy Crap! Moments.

Music for this episode is “Bridges” by Erthlings.

The fan-made credit sequence Jason mentioned can be found on YouTube.

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One comment on “The Talking Dead #396: s9e1 – “A New Beginning”

  1. Ray says:

    Started listening to the Podcast a couple of weeks ago. I find this Podcast entertaining and informative. Some takeaways from S9E1:

    1. Your point about the glass floor was 100% correct, that glass would be several inches thick and would not shatter like that, BUT I kinda liked the fact that they made it into a broken Ice pond scenario.
    2. Rick’s new hair cut appears to try and mimic the comic book.
    3. Maggie needs to learn if she is going to hang someone, she needs to put a black bag or hood over their head so they can’t back talk before getting hung.
    4. Your claim the punishment didn’t match the crime…this was like strike 20 for Gregory. His history played a factor.

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