The Talking Dead #42: “Kill Off Clause”

The answer to life, the universe, and everything is upon us. Episode #42 of The Talking Dead is also here. This week on the program Jason and I run down a whole bunch of Walking Dead news, read some listener feedback, and talk about Charlie Sheen and Three’s Company far too much. This week in the news:

All this plus some listener feedback.

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2 comments on The Talking Dead #42: “Kill Off Clause”

  1. Bishop says:

    Hey Lads. Just watching The Walking Dead on Blu Ray and I just finished watching Guts. I had an epiphany. Those that don’t want spoilers stop reading now …

    What if Merle cut his hand off, but was rescued BY THE HELICOPTER ON TOP OF THE ROOF! What if a certain governor picked him up?

    Remember the helicopter? Huh? yeah? Thoughts?

  2. Bishop says:

    You know, I just rewatched the episode “Vatos”. I take most of what I said back. The “on top of the roof” part anyway.

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