The Talking Dead #427: s9e15 – “The Calm Before”

King Ezekiel kicks off the fair at The Kingdom while Daryl, Michonne, and Carol head back to Hilltop and make a brutal discovery along the way. Tune in for our full recap of The Walking Dead season 9 episode 15, “The Calm Before”.

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  1. Mary Rose says:

    Hi… first of all, please say hello to the walking Dead cast guest for me…my name is Mary Rose…I live in Auburn, Maine… I watched the episode 15… three times… did anyone notice that Alpha was in disguise as someone else?

    1. Mary Rose says:

      I love the TWD since the first season..I hope to hear from from Rick…on Eugene’s radio…

      1. Katie D says:

        Linking the communities by radio was cool but the idea of radio communication between Georgie’s group and Hilltop\Alexandra\Kingdom\Oceanside would be awesome.

  2. Katie D says:

    From the “winter’s coming” theme to heads on pikes, this episode of The Walking Dead felt like a homage to Game of Thrones.

  3. Lance from Sydney Australia says:

    Hi there
    What an episode.
    What are your thoughts about who was killed this week?
    How did they pick the victims. Some were from Alpha, some were to hurt Lydia, but some seem to be by Lydia’s choice.
    Ozzy (victim from rescue)
    Highwayman second-in-command (Victim from rescue)
    DJ (Hilltop revenge)
    Frankie (Hilltop revenge)
    Tammy Rose (took Whisperer baby)
    Addy (Was in love with Henry and Lydia jealous)
    Rodney (teased Lydia and made her upset)
    Tara (Hilltop leader)
    Enid (Henry love interest before Lydia)
    Henry (took Lydia away)

    How did alpha know?

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