The Talking Dead #429: s9e16 – “The Storm”

Everyone has to battle the elements on The Walking Dead this week. Tune in for our full recap of season 9 episode 16, “The Storm”.

One comment on “The Talking Dead #429: s9e16 – “The Storm”

  1. Andrea in San Francisco says:

    Hello Chris and Jason,

    I re-watched the season 9 finale and I realized two things, 1) how on earth did Michonne let Judith walked tied in with anyone but her, in front or in back? 1a) Other people close by that saw Judith run off and/or Negan run off after Judith and did not respond or maybe pass the word up? 2) The Negan and Judith storyline is Negan trying to make amends, he doesn’t leave Alexandra when he had a chance 2a) Judith runs off after a dog in a snow storm that was so intense that her mother didn’t hear her run off and 2b) His only concern is for her and the dog that is so important to her and 2c) Negan gives her his coat while making sure she is okay and while he was injured. He isn’t trying to turn her into him he’s trying to protect something he feels should be protected, but given where his character has been in the past you have to wonder where that is coming from really. I wonder if Rick Girmes did save Negan in some way.

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