The Talking Dead #455: “We Are The End of the World” Feedback

Is Alpha actually “crazy”? Why was Beta really in that hospital? How fast can a horse travel 200 miles? Tune in for the answers to these question, plus a whole lot more!

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One comment on “The Talking Dead #455: “We Are The End of the World” Feedback

  1. BJ says:

    Hi Chris and Jason, I absolutely loved your analysis and review of the feedback in this episode …very funny and clever as always. Some feedback on feedback!
    The email on the 8hr horse ride from Alexandria to Oceanside bothered me. I used to live in Maryland, which if you’re familiar with the area, is a stone’s throw from Maryland. there’s ocean everywhere. A lazy Google search gave me 45 mins by car from Alexandria to Chesapeake beach. I’m sure I could do better. So yes! If Oceanside could be at Chesapeake beach, Eugene and our crew absolutely made it over in time to fight the fire! …. ‘if at first the distance from A to B doesn’t work for your plot, hunt it down and kill it!

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