The Talking Dead #476: s10e12 – “Walk With Us”

Huge episode of The Walking Dead this week! Tune in for our full recap and breakdown of season 10 episode 12, “Walk With US”. Maybe one of the best episodes in show history?

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3 comments on The Talking Dead #476: s10e12 – “Walk With Us”

  1. bela kiss says:

    I think that Carol is the true Alpha. She is even more evil than Neagan or the Governor, hell
    she is way more cunning than Alpha 1. By the way the Negan mask is actually a cast of Norman
    Reddus. The smile was actually the idea of Jeffrey Dean Morgan

  2. Teri says:

    I knew all the time that Negan was up to something but I did not know he and Carol had the plan. I know that Negan would do anyting for both Judith and Lydia

  3. Keith Metcalfe says:

    I too am glad the comics didn’t ruin any of the scenes or surprises for me at the end of this episode. The surprises worked and were needed, and would not have worked if we had had promos saying things like “make sure you watch this week to see a character’s final appearance” or people spoiling it with memes all over the web first.

    I’m looking forward to the talk between Neegan and Aaron trying to explain why he was doing this.

    And technically, think of all the people, including Hilltop itself, die all because of her need for vengeance.

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