We’re joined this week by Lucy and Jason of the The Walking Dead ‘Cast. Last week we put out the call for topics and you guys responded in droves! It’s a long list, and we saw them for the first time during the recording.

Some of the topics we cover:

  • Whether we prefer Star Wars or The Walking Dead.
  • Challenges and positive things that have surfaced during this pandemic.
  • Who would be our dream interviews.
  • Turning points in our lives.
  • The time police officers burst into Jason’s apartment.
  • Our favorite shows as kids, and of the last few years.
  • What we’re binging during quarantine.
  • Whether cheesecake is a cake or a pie.
  • C-3PO or R2-D2 for a quarantine companion?
  • Whether we’ve seen The Kingdom.
  • Toilet paper in the zombie apocalypse.
  • Favorite places we’ve ever been.
  • Whether Scotland should gain independence.
  • Our favorite and least favorite seasons of The Walking Dead.

Thanks to everyone who suggested topics! 

Be sure to check out Lucy and Jason on The Walking Dead ‘Cast!

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