The Talking Dead #487: “Ryan Hurst Actor Spotlight”

This week on The Talking Dead we point the spotlight at Beta from The Walking Dead, Ryan Hurst. Jason and I chat about 4 selections from his previous work, including his first ever IMDB credit! We also have a couple of listener follow ups on “One Cut of the Dead”, and The Walking Dead news.

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One comment on “The Talking Dead #487: “Ryan Hurst Actor Spotlight”

  1. Myron says:

    Forgive me for not knowing the reason why you guys selected seemingly random episodes of shows that Hurst was in, but I really think you did a disservice to your co host who had never watched the show. It’s actually a very good show (Sons of Anarchy). And then the other host spoils various aspects of the story?!!!
    Ah, maybe try another formula for covering shows such as starting from the beginning maybe?

    Have a nice day.

    The Outsider is a good, short (10 episodes). Altered Carbon is another good show.

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