The Talking Dead #50: The Golden Episode

This week on a super-sized episode of The Talking Dead, Jason and I welcome Dave to update us on his zombie webcomic “Stranger”, as well as discuss all the week’s news. We also complete our Walking Dead actor spotlight on Jon Bernthal.

  • Stranger Update


  • San Diego Comic-con
    • Comic-Con season 2 trailer
    • Comic-Con Walking Dead panel
    • The Walking Dead season 2 poster
    • New Walking Dead merchandise
  • Frank Darabont stepping down as show runner
  • The Walking Dead season 1 “Special Edition” on DVD and Blu-ray
  • Greg Nicotero directing Walking Dead webisodes
  • Season 2, Episode 1 title revealed

The Walking Dead Actor Spotlight

This week we discuss the past work of Jon Bernthal
Next actor spotlight: Steven Yeun
The Big Bang Theory, Season 3 Episode 22 – “The Staircase Implementation”
Law & Order: Los Angeles, Season 1 Episode 15 – “Hayden Tract”

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3 comments on The Talking Dead #50: The Golden Episode

  1. Bishop says:

    I love that Son of Renerd has a walk-on role in this episode. Great to do the podcast with you guys.

    So apparently it is only Simcoe Day in Toronto. The rest of the province celebrate different people who may or may not have named a lake.

  2. Bishop says:

    Chandler Riggs has just been added to the Fan Expo roster.

  3. The says:

    That is Carl being carried to the farm,what I find interesting is there appears to be three scenes that show the vatos compound and in the last scene it appears to show Rick walking out of a now empty vatos compound.
    Even weirder still the opening sequence of Shane running shows him leaving a gated area whether it’s the estates or a graveyard idk.
    Another odd thing is Rick recalls in black and white the suited zombie that appeared to have recollection of him.
    @ 45 secs in I would have to say thats the prison.
    I think since their in the city they make a pit stop to offer the Vatos help in relocating with them only to find it overrun @ 3:46 sure looks like the Vatos compound,also another when Rick says “to hell with the noise” im 99.9% sure that’s the Vatos compound
    Whats with Rick hiding under things LOL.
    The girl in the blue shirt under the car I have no idea who that is she is too young to be Herschel’s daughter.

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