The Talking Dead #51: Fired!

Lots of news this week to discuss, plus our Walking Dead actor spotlight on Steven Yeun and some listener feedback.  Thanks for listening everybody, we hope you enjoy.


 The Walking Dead Actor Spotlight

This week we take a look at the past work of Steven Yeun

Next week in the spotlight: Laurie Holdon

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3 comments on The Talking Dead #51: Fired!

  1. The Reaper says:

    AMC is screwed now,so many people are already calling for a boycott of the season premiere.

    I believe season 2 will be ok but the absolute ineptness of the Executives and how they treated Frank has forced loyal viewers to watch S2 through a lens that will leave most people finding issue with mundane things that would of been otherwise happily over looked.

    I also think the actors performance is going to suffer gravely,one day their saying how much they love going to work 3 days later I am sure that view changed.
    I have no doubt that they are seriously thinking twice about renewing for a Season 3.

  2. Ryan S. says:

    You guys should watch The Mist and Silent Hill for the Laurie Holden spotlight!

    1. Chris says:

      Hey Ryan S. – it took me shamefully long to approve this comment… I saw it, and then forgot it was there. Sorry about that.

      Anyway, you are probably right, we should have watched The Mist and/or Silent Hill. Our choices from Laurie Holdon’s back catalogue were poor to put it nicely. I’m thinking we might have to re-do her at some point down the line.

      Thanks for listening!

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