Fear The Walking Dead returns this week with a John Dorie centric episode titled “The Door”. Secrets are revealed while John teams up with Morgan and Dakota to clear a hoard of zombies off a bridge. Tune in to hear our episode review along with some of your listener feedback!

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  1. The actor said he didn’t want to be on the show anymore. Please take back the praise you gave the show for killing him off. It is not earned. This show is so mismanaged and poorly written that they repeated the same mistake they made with Nick. if you recall, he wanted off the show as well. So what did they do? Kill him off with an emotional little girl. Couple seasons later and they have the same dilemma. How do they write off John Dory? The most popular character in the show… By having him get shot by an emotional little girl… If anything this proves that these writers lack originality. Jason, you said you were upset about his loss but proud because the show had the balls to do this. If you don’t take back those words then I’m afraid I’ll have to give up on you guys. I stopped watching the walking dead a while back but i still enjoyed listening to you. Stop giving this show praise when it doesn’t deserve it and please recognize it as the hot garbage that it is.

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