The Talking Dead #542: s11e02 – “Acheron Part 2”

This week on The Walking Dead there’s more confusion about The Commonwealth, an unusual mural, and a shocking admission! Tune in to hear Jason and I recap and chat about season 11 episode 2, “Acheron, Part 2”.

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2 comments on The Talking Dead #542: s11e02 – “Acheron Part 2”

  1. Barb says:

    So happy to have you guys here for this final season of twd. I enjoyed this episode (Archeron part 2).
    Your Tom and Jerry debate was hilarious.
    I didn’t think it was so easy to open the door of the car to let Gage in otherwise Alden would have no? I thought Maggie made sense, if they’d pried the door open then it probably wouldn’t shut anymore and they’d have to fend off a potentially endless stream of walkers. That being said I’m looking forward to more tactical zombie killings as in earlier episodes like when Rick and the survivors ran wire across the highway into an oncoming horde. They could’ve done mini versions of this inside the train car if they had rope. They definitely had time while Maggie was telling campfire stories.
    Anyway can’t wait for what’s next. Terrified of the Reapers and excited for more Commonwealth.

  2. ELMercy says:

    The point about evil communities is that they wont survive ten years in the post-apocalypse. Terminus for example. The problem with putting signs everywhere to attract victims is, that the Saviors will also see them. The wolves, the claimers, the whisperers, every predatory group in the area would visit Terminus. With a lousy wire fence as defense they’d be wiped out. The problem is solved in TWD by never letting evil groups interact. In fact though the Saviors would have no choice but to attack the Wolves who destroy the communities where they get their food from.

    Getting to my point. How does the guy who lures women to his house gather enough food? How does he avoid to get attacked by the 50% evil people roaming the land? How many naive lonely woman pass by at his house in the middle of nowhere ten years after the apocalypse? His whole lifestyle is nonsense.

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