Daryl is put to the test this week when he encounters a familiar face amongst The Reapers. Tune in for our complete recap of The Walking Dead season 11 episode 2, “Rendition”.

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  1. Hi guys! I just started listening to your podcast at the start of this season. I’m a fairly recent walking dead fan and have hopped around listening to different podcasts and I’m finding yours the most enjoyable. Thanks for all you do! I mostly enjoyed this episode of TWD and I called “Leah” as soon as I saw her eyes behind her mask. I can’t get excited about Leah’s return, however. And honestly, I cannot get too invested in this storyline since AMC and TWD have announced that Darryl and Carol will have a spin-off show. We can be almost certain nothing bad will happen to Darryl and I doubt Leah will be included in the spinoff (Three’s Company? I don’t think so). So why are we wasting our time with this storyline? Can we please get on with the Commonwealth storyline and what’s happening at Alexandria? I’m hoping next week’s episode will be better.

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