The Walking Dead returns for the second third of season 11! Maggie and her gang try to survive The Reapers and their Hwatcha. Meanwhile the group at Alexandria are still dealing with the big storm. Tune in for our full recap of season 11 episode 9 “No Other Way”.

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  1. How and what did they attach the rope too in order to save “MaceHand”?
    I remember an episode of “Batman” where he got a flute and made a rope sit up like a snake , and uses a rope to perform an Indian rope trick to escape through an overhead grating.
    After I watched this episode, I thought that a scene must be missing.
    The whole basement scene is crazy to watch , none of it made any sense.
    Including the huge black pipe that was in a modern house built just before the fall of Man.
    These houses had solar panels and were all for a new (rich) clientele in this gated community.
    No one would want their downstairs “Man cave/Game room” to have a huge fucking black sewage pipe that hang over your head. This basement looked like it was designed in the 1920s.
    And in order for a 5″ 10 Zombie not to be able to pull you down , how high are these basement ceilings?
    So the flood was coming in through the windows…Gallons of water to flood the basement but not to put out the fire.
    This was a dumb set up, as bad as vans that fall from an overpass and cause no damage points to the people inside and can just drive. The best part of this series, is your Podcast.

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