The Talking Dead #58: s2e3 – “A rock and a zombie place”

This week on The Talking Dead Jason and I recap season 2, episode 3: “Save The Last One”.

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  2. Listener Feedback
  3. “Save The Last One” Recap
  4. Next Week on The Walking Dead
  5. Holy Crap! Did You See That?!

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6 comments on The Talking Dead #58: s2e3 – “A rock and a zombie place”

  1. doowad says:

    Hey, guys, you mentioned the hot shower, but didn’t you find it odd that 1) they had hot water at all. 2) that even if they magically had hot water, that they didn’t put limitations on showers. 3) they were so cavalier with leaving lights on, like a beacon on the hill for all walkers. 4) there was electricity for lights and the razor to begin with. 5) the sandwiches they fixed were with commercial bread, 6 months after the outbreak.

  2. Jennifer says:

    On the subject of Shane shaving his head, I initially thought he might have gotten bit or scratched. I also speculated that Shane shaved his head to indicate a transformation such as embracing the deceitful person he always was (remember he told Lori Rick was dead). I didn’t connect the fact that Otis had pulled out some of his hair until you guys discussed it.

  3. Rob C says:

    I noticed that Shane finally fixed his pants. Perhaps his high waters were holding him together in more ways than one. He is so off the wagon train…

  4. Bishop says:

    Okay let me just throw this out there if I can. I am certainly NOT suggesting that this is true, just that this sort of thing is very curious.

    I am surprised that no one has mentioned this at all. The following suggests a MAJOR plot point that the comics never touched.

    Has NO ONE else noticed that Andrea is throwing up A LOT? I don’t think she is sick at all. I think there is another reason why she is throwing up and I think this is DIRECTLY related to what Jenner told Rick and why Rick thinks it doesn’t matter right now. Thoughts?

  5. BOB says:

    What the hell happened to this second season?? First and foremost where is the great music at the end of each show??You gotta have solid tunes that set the tone.The conversations between the characters is witless and outdated.OMG they turned it into another sitcom. blah

  6. tdl_auburn says:

    Remember the guy who hung himself in the tree had his legs chewed. So, there is evidence that zombies will eat the recently dead. The only reason I can think of for shooting Otis in the leg was for the screaming to attract the zombies. But this would attract even more zombies in the area. Shane obviously wasn’t thinking completely rationally…that or the writers weren’t.

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