The Walking Dead returns this week for the final run of 8 episodes. Lance is still out there trying to track down Maggie, Daryl, and the others. Meanwhile, there’s some unreset inside the walls of The Commonwealth putting everybody in danger. Listen in for our chat about season 11 episode 17, “Lockdown”.

The Patreon Prize-a-Palooza also returns with a new winner. Tune in to find out if it’s you!

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  1. Hi guys. Love your podcast! I have 2 comments on this episode. My take on Negan’s comment to Carol about pulling bunnies out of her ass was in reference to the Negan episode where Carol took Negan to the cabin and then sprung on him that he was banished by the council because Maggie was back. She handed Negan a rabbit and said “this is for you.” I don’t think he saw it until she handed it to him and I my thought
    was he was referring to that. And 2nd, did you also notice in the overhead shot in the scene with Mercer and Rosita that the walkers also divided in 2 directions as well?

    Thank you for a great podcast. You guys are my fave.

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