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This week on The Talking Dead podcast Jason and I recap season 2 episode 5, “Chupacabra”. Some very interesting theories about where the plot might go come up in this episode. Don’t miss it!

  1. “Cherokee Rose” ratings
  2. Listener feedback
  3. “Chupacabra” recap
  4. Next week on The Walking Dead
  5. Holy Crap! Did you see that!?

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Comments (10)
  1. Merle didn’t say, “Take your friend Rick’s hand.” He said, “Grab your friend Rick’s hand.” Either way, I think it would be extremely gutsy of them to turn Daryl into a villain considering the character’s popularity. Good show.

  2. Hi guys! Love the podcast and have been listening since the summer. Thanks for the warning about spoilers. I care not so much for the show but for the comic which I plan to read very soon.

    my questions is this: I know the show is separate from the comic but do you find the show to be anti-climatic at times because you’ve read the comic, and have an idea of what’s coming? I have this issue at times with Game of Thrones because I have read several books. Love the show too but sometimes I wish I hadn’t read the books.
    Your thoughts?

  3. “Family Planning” vs. “Feminine Hygine” Remember, the show takes place in the US, not Canada. 🙂

    If everyone is already infected, zombie water would have no affect, right? Also this would mean that getting bit doesn’t make you a zombie directly. Perhaps getting bit causes an infection that kills you, but if already infected a bite would’t cause the change. Death would be necessary or the infection you already have to cause the zombification.

    • Hi,

      Yes you’re right, it’s explained like that in the graphic novels. It doesn’t matter how you die (of course only if your brain stays intact) you turn, so the bite “just” kills you.

      But regarding the “zombie water”, I don’t think that it would have NO effect. You wouldn’t drink water if it had a dead animal in it. There are a lot of bad bacteria and stuff, which could possibly kill you or at least make you sick for days.

  4. Hi guys,
    first of all I really love your podcast, keep up the good work.

    I was just rewatching the scenes of Sophia’s attack because I wasn’t sure either if she really took the doll, but she did! She is caring it in every single scene of her attack.
    Either way, just because Daryl found the doll washed up against this log (or whatever) does imho not mean that she was there, for all we know she could have dropped it somewhere upstream maybe even days ago – in fact she could have even lost it when she left her hideout right after Rick left (even though the doll did not really look like it’s been in the water for long).

    I had a lot of “Holy Crap! Did you see that!?” moment on this episode, but because you already spoke about some of them, I would go with the scene of Daryl and Carol. When she leaned in to kiss him on the forehead, he kind of flinched and tried to shield himself as if she was going to hit him. I found that both hilarious and kinda cute, even though it says a lot about his past…and not in a good way…

    Can’t wait for next weeks episode and of course your next podcast about it!

  5. Daryl’s arrow went through the bottom of the frontal lobe of the zombie and out the top. Jenner stated that only the brain stem is reactivated. How does shooting a zombie in the brain anywhere but in the stem, kill it? If he rest of the brain is dead, it seems that only a precise shot to the stem would kill it. Just like aligator hunters have to hit a spot the size of a quarter in the back of the gator’s head to penetrate the armor to reach the brain.

    • I thought the exact same thing! Yeah, Jenner explains that just the brain stem reactivates so my only thought was it must stay intact? I was confused on this point as well. Thanks for mentioning it!

    • Let me add that in the Talking Dead commentary at midnight, last night one of the guests commented about the zombie who’s head was almost severed, yet it still managed to get back up and attack. The comment was that soon we’ll see just a head trying to attack people… looking back at season one, Daryl had shot a deer and the survivors found a walker munching on it. They cut off it’s head and indeed…the head was still animated. Daryl thunks it with an arrow and comments that they have to get the brain and comments that they should know that by now. So, attacking head…already happened.

  6. Hi guys, love the podcast.

    Re: Jenner’s big, fat secret – It wouldn’t have made sense if the secret was Lori was pregnant because why would he tell Rick and not Lori? As a female viewer that would have been profoundly offensive. Even though Lori appears to have never gotten decent sex-ed advice, she’s still the one who should have been told first.

    I agree that what Jenner whispered to Rick is that everyone is infected.

    My hypothesis: The actual zombie vicus is aerosolized and everyone is already a carrier and when a person dies it activates the zombie virus. The zombies are driven to bite because that transmits a fever that kills the victim thus creating more active carriers more quickly.

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