Does Outpost 22 make The Walking Dead universe feel too small? Is Negan defeated, or just getting started? Should The Commonwealth’s train have been steam/zombie powered? Tune in for the answers to these questions and more as we review your feedback about “Outpost 22”.

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  1. My family and I have been watching TWD since it started and we are so sad to see it ending! Watching it all together, with snacks on a Sunday night, has become part of our family ritual. It has brought us even closer. We’ve laughed and we’ cried and yes, screamed together as we have gone on the TWD roller coaster ride. We watch each episode with fearful expectations of “who are we gonna loose”!

    We just watched episode 23, “family”, and you did not disappoint with all the action and emotions flying!!!!! Now questions, questions, QUESTIONS!!!!!!

    Please tell us that the finale is 2 hours long!?!!?@#dreadingtheend!#weloveyou#youwillalwaysbepartofourfamily!!!

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