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This week on The Talking Dead podcast Jason and I recap season 2 episode 6, “Secrets”, discuss some Walking Dead News, choose our HC!DYST moments, and read as much listener feedback as possible.

  1. The Walking Dead News
    • “Chupacabra” Ratings
    • AMC’s Talking Dead Ratings
    • Robert Kirkman interviewd in TV Guide, Entertainment Weekly, and Zap2It
    • Toys “R” Us exclusive Rick Grimes figure
  2. Listener feedback
  3. “Secrets” recap
  4. Holy Crap! Did you see that!?
  5. Next week on The Walking Dead / Spoilers

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Comments (10)
  1. The idea of Michonne finding and returning Sophia is a wonderful one. I don’t think it will happen, but it would be a neat direction to go in. I think Glenn is going to stay at the farm and everyone else will be leaving.

  2. Think about it too do you want to mess with that style arrowhead head? No, you want to walk right up and pull it out quick. You don’t want to sit there and cut out an arrow head or unscrew it just takes to much time retrieve them. Save razor arrow heads for animal hunting.

  3. I fully agree with caller Dan. In the US with all of the misinformation going around about birth control pills vs. abortion pills, especially since unfortunately it is a highly politicized issue in the US, the writer for this episode was very irresponsible. Plan B/The Morning After Pill is very different from RU-486, which is the “abortion pill” and can be used up to 63 days (9 weeks). Also you asked about the sperm hanging out and having lunch. The egg is typically fertilized in the fallopian tube. From there it takes from several days to about a week to travel down into the uterus and implant itself. As Dan said, the MAP prevents that implantation from happening. By the time Lori had enough hormone to register a positive on the pregnancy test, it was weeks too late for the MAP to be effective. Lori needs to learn to read labels on packages before she starts gobbling pills.

  4. **Spoilers** From what I’ve read online about the comic series, Shane doesn’t even make it to Hershel’s farm before he is offed. Shane may be expanded to take the place of Tyreese. I can easily see Shane doing many of the things Tyreese did. That would also give him more time on the show and include him in the prison scenes.

    As for the zombie in the drug store…remember, they can open doors. Morgan’s zombie wife turned the door knob on the front door of the house they were staying in. So it is possible it could have gotten in since the last time they were there.

    • I was thinking the same thing here.
      Imho the walker could have easily gotten in, as the door was not locked and we saw Maggie kind of just pushing it open the first time they go there. So I think he could have managed to get inside, but why he wanted to do that is a whole different story.
      Maybe it’s like with the RV Inspector-Walker from the first episode, except this one being a Pharmacist of course 😉

  5. Hi guys,
    Thanks for reading my comment in your last Episode 🙂

    I had two Holy Crap! Did you see that!? moments too in the last episode. So the first was Andreas “reach & grab” in the Hyundai.
    I did so not expect her to be that straight forward about it; I mean she really was like one of those claw game machines (I think that is how one of the guys in the amc after show described it).
    I couldn’t stop thinking about how awkward this scene must have been to shoot.
    But maybe it’s just me and they were all professional about it and it was just another day in the office for them – who knows.

    Another Holy Crap! Did you see that!? moment for me was the confrontation between Shane and Dales, or rather Shane’s response were you could truly see the crazy in his eyes. Great acting!
    Dale sure has some guts to confront him like that, or maybe he really didn’t think that one through.
    I’m convinced that Dale is going to do something stupid, forcing Shane to react to that…
    Anyhow, I’m looking forward to a nice showdown in the next episode, because I have a feeling that this was not the end of the conversation for the both of them.

    PS: Because you were wondering; I am from Vienna, Austria.
    So yeah, you Canadian boys even have fans in good old Europe 😉

  6. **MID SEASON FINALE SPOILERS** The mid season finale proved that you can’t survive watching this show with the security of knowing what happens in the Comic. This was one of the most heart breaking episodes of any series I have ever seen. To imagine myself in Carol’s place if that had been my son shuffling out of that barn… I lost it. I wasn’t expecting Sophia. I was expecting that final Walker to be Hershel’s wife. I forget which one of you predicted Sophia was in the barn… curse you to Walker Hell. Not really, but my God… where can there be any hope in a world that shows no mercy? In nature, the weakest don’t survive. What separates human’s from animals is that we have communities based on morality. Without community and without morality the humans in this story are no more than animals. The weakest will not survive. And strongest will fight each other to the death.

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