The Walking Dead has come to an end. Tune in to the podcast for our complete recap of season 11 episode 24, titled “Rest In Peace”. We also chat about Chris’ experience at the viewing party in San Francisco, and what comes next for the podcast.

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  1. Good morning from Colorado! I’m really pleased with the ending of the main show. I experienced a full range of emotion – I yelled for Rosita to survive the fall from the building – and especially when she burst out of the pile of walkers – that reminded me of the first alien bursting out of that guy at the dinner table! I cried along with Luke and his friends, I cheered and smiled HUGELY seeing Brothers Ezekiel and Mercer leading the CW; for some reason I laughed at seeing Pamela nearly allow herself to be bitten by Zombie Lance… there’s also the Rick and Michonne piece, Judith, and baby Rosie!

    And Negan at the end – this clip reminded me of the Lost finale when Benjamin Linus was sitting outside the church and said he wasn’t ready to enter. I felt for Negan – dudes come a long way and he still didn’t have a place at the table, and at the same time, Maggies talk with him was absolutely so honest and ‘real’ and he finally got it. You don’t need to forgive in order to simply exist near each other. And curious like everyone else, how they’ll end up together in NY!

    And of course, Rosita. Sigh.

    It was full. I definitely need to watch it again for more of the nuances and callbacks- there were so many. Kang and Gimple really paid homage to the series as a whole. I’m not much of a nitpicker but I did notice that the knife walker didn’t make the final cut; it was also hard to distinguish which location the characters were all at 1 year later (were Judith and RJ at Hilltop? it looked like there was a lavender farm in front). and where did the rest of the CW elites end up? It certainly didn’t look like they were still in the estates.

    I smiled at how bright and colorful each location had become, for example the windmill in Alexandria had this gorgeous colorful mural painted on it. Things were growing and people were ‘living’. It’s like they removed these gray filters from the cameras.

    At some point, I’d love to see a reunion or aftermath of the series – what stories they can each tell of their new adventures – how are Ezekiel and Mercer running things? How’s their new immigration policy? Are they still using money? How is the train being utilized between communities? Carol will definitely succeed in Lance’s role of finding communities, making connections, and probably working closely w/ Ezekiel.

    Overall, I’m pleased with the ending – it was very well acted and very emotional, moving, and engaging. It didn’t need any more deaths or ambiguous endings. I’m all for our characters finding peace… for now.

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