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This week on The Talking Dead podcast Jason and I recap the mid-season finale, “Pretty Much Dead Already”. We also have a bit of Walking Dead News, choose our Holy Crap! Did You See That!? moments, and read as much listener feedback as we can fit in.

  1. The Walking Dead News
    • “Secrets” Ratings
    • The morning-after pill controversy
  2. “Pretty Much Dead Already” recap
  3. Listener Feedback
  4. Holy Crap! Did you see that!?
  5. Next week on The Walking Dead / Spoilers

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  1. Okay, I’m going to inject my 2 cents on the Rick to Shane response on the whole Rick Hershel or Rick pregnancy issue. I think Rick said “Thank you” but I’m not so sure it wasn’t double meaning; thank you for the congratulations, or thank you for Shane’s cooperation on the whole making the barn full of walkers right issue.

  2. Hey guys… here’s a talking point that is all over the net right now. Viewers are hungry to know what exactly happened to Sophia and how she ended up in the barn. Number one, we know from previews and interviews that Otis was the one collecting Walkers and storing them in the barn. Clearly, because the family didn’t know Sophia was in the barn, Otis didn’t always share who he’d found and put in there. Number two, because Otis and Shane went into town the afternoon after Sophia went missing…obviously something happened to her either the first night or early the next day before Otis went hunting and shot Carl. Number three, If she spent the night in the abandoned house where Daryl found the closet with bedding and then later her doll is found in the river… chances are she was attacked at the river where she dropped her doll… There was no blood in the house or in the bedding… so she spent the night without incident and must have been attacked the next day, while trying to follow the river (in the wrong direction) back to the highway. I can easily picture her running from a Walker and tripping in the river. At that point the doll could have drifted away and as she is reaching for it, the Walker could come down on her from behind. But I have a few questions. She was only bitten…nothing really devoured. So what stopped the Walker that bit her from holding onto her and taking more bites? It looks like it took more than one bite out of her neck and shoulder…it’s a huge wound…but that hardly would have filled a Walker. Could Otis have interrupted the attack, maybe too late? There was no mud caked on Sophia’s ankles and legs so I doubt she was caught in the swamp like the Walkers were that Hershel and Rick pulled out. It would be interested to see this scene as a flashback but since it didn’t involve any of the living characters it would serve no purpose to the story other than to satisfy the curiosity of viewers. I’m betting they never explain what happened to Sophia and leave it as something unexplainable. So far, everything has been told through the perspective of the living.

      • Bishop: are you saying she just died and Otis threw her in the bar? If so, that is just brutal of Otis!

        I like tdl_auburn explanation of what happened and the timeline. I think it is reasonable, unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll find out what happened =(

      • (Spoilers for graphic novels)

        Bishop, maybe I am wrong, but I think you are working from the assumption that the bite does not turn you, it kills you. In the GN everyone is “infected” even if they die from non-walker causes, they will come back as a walker.

        The tv show has yet to make the case for this. So far, only those associated with (bitten by) the walkers become walkers themselves.

        I think that the guys are right in that the finale is the moment that we the viewers must let go of the GN and let the show be its own universe. Sure there are settings, characters, and confrontations from the GN that I would love to see happen. But I am excited to see what else the writing team can imagine for us.

      • She was bitten. That’s very clear on her shoulder with the blood having soaked the back of her shirt. They mentioned on the talking dead that a walker came up behind her and bit her on the shoulder. So, maybe she backed up agaisnt a tree where a lurker was standing, similar to what happened to Lori.

  3. Okay, I was just re-watching “Pretty much dead already” and noticed at the end, when Rick shot Sofia, she fell on her side BUT THEN in the promo for the next half of the season it starts of with Rick looking down at Sofia’s body just after he shot her and she’s lying face first in the dirt right in front of him. I think if a random dude like me noticed this, the creators of the show should’ve noticed it too but then didn’t and that makes me sad…Love the show. This was probably my favorite episode. Can’t wait for more. bla bla bla. rant ran rant.

  4. Hey guys just wanted to congratulate you on your awesome podcast.also I wanted to bring up two gripes about the mid season finale,(witch is sad cause I really love this show). 1 why were there body shots with the barn walkers?. shane clearly pointed out that it doesn’t do anything to them when he shot lou,( female walker held by herschel). And 2 was it posible that maybe Patricia saw sophia when she fed the walkers chickens?i hope kirkman doesnt “wing it” as he confirmed he does for the comics on amc’s the talking dead.i dont think it would work out for the tv series.thanks for your time.

    • I think Shane and Andrea were the only ones pulling off head shots…well Daryl too though I’m not sure just how efficient he is with a shotgun vs his nifty crossbow. But Glen and T-Dog probably aren’t the best at pulling off left4dead head shots like it’s nothing yet. And maybe Shane was purposefully getting body shots because a part of him, a very insane part of him, enjoyed seeing them writhe around. He enjoyed being powerful like that. That’s just my guess though.
      As for whether or not Patricia saw Sofia in the barn, maybe she did. It’s possible Sofia was just sitting in a corner away from the rest of the zombies. That’s probably the case since she came out of the barn last. She could’ve been under a rafter or behind a loft of hey or something. *shrug*

      • woah! I could see your point with the sophia issue.maybe the walkers are like animals. the strongest get to eat the chickens while the weak walkers are pushed to the corners.but then again patricia was married to ottis.im assuming he would’ve told her something about the little girl walker he found.

  5. @MikeInTheBox et al. I tend to agree, let it be what it is. The writers and team developing the whole X-Men filmography have the same thing going for them. Not quite the same universe, there are similarities, and stark identical characters, of course, but for the most part, it is its own thing. I personally don’t follow TWDGN at all, so I couldn’t say one way or the other. I just follow the TV show, and I am quite pleased with the type story lines that are developing.

  6. I am the only annoyed with everyone comparing The Walking Dead to Lost? I watched Lost and I really enjoyed it, but to me, this show is WAY BETTER!

    • You have to admit though that there are definitely a lot of similarities between them. I loved Lost too and it’s safe to say that I love this show a lot more (I never went on any Lost websites to talk about it) but I see why comparisons between the shows are there. Jack and Rick. Deryl and Sawyer. Hurley and Glen as comedic relief. The monster and the others vs the zombies and the people who change because of them. Survival is also one of the key elements of both stories. 🙂

  7. After watching the Barn scene over 20 times on YouTube I finally noticed something that I’d been missing. Just as Rick is stepping past Shane in his approach of Sophia, Shane starts to raise his weapon. It’s only when he notices Rick passing him that he stops. It’s very quick and barely noticeable. But in that moment, Shane is not only giving that moment to Rick but he coud argueable be giving Rick the leadership in that moment. Of course he could also be looking at it like this is Rick’s mess and therefore his responsibility to clean up. But Shane is clearly affected by Sophia and no less so than any of the other characters in the scene. This will definitely increase Shane’s resolve in taking the leadership of the group from Rick, by force if necessary.

    • Another couple quickies. Take a look at the symbolism in the rainbow pattern on Sophia’s shirt…how the beginning of the rainbow is perfect cemetrical and at the end of the rainbow, it’s melting away like blood from a wound. Also, the corpse that Daryl finds in the tent… where they thought Sophia might be in it… He shot himself, but look at the button on his jacket, “No Excuse for Domestic Violence.” Lot of visual symbolism in these episodes.

    • Holy Crap – Did you see that…. When Shane takes down the second to last Walker (Hershe’s step son) the bullet passes through his head and kills the last zombie behind it. Awesome shot.

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