The Talking Dead #63: “Low Rent Bars”

Hi everybody,

This week on The Talking Dead podcast Jason and I dig into some Walking Dead News, read all kinds of listener feedback, and even have a few Holy Crap! Did You See That!? moments to boot. We also announce an impromptu contest (if you can call it that).

  1. The Walking Dead News
    • “Pretty Much Dead Already” ratings
    • AMC’s “Talking Dead” ratings
    • New characters in the second half of season 2
    • The Walking Dead nominated for a Satellite Award
    • Quotes from various interviews
  2. Listener Feedback
  3. Holy Crap! Did you see that!?

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7 comments on The Talking Dead #63: “Low Rent Bars”

  1. Bishop says:

    See fellas you totally busted me. It is me. I really am the friendly guy you wanna have a beer with in the zombie apocalypse.

  2. Monica says:

    The Walking Dead is definitely my favorite Colon Drama =) even though I don’t know what a Colon Drama is…..JK!!!!

    1. Bishop says:

      I just find Colon Dramas to be such a bummer.

  3. tdl_auburn says:

    I noticed in the preview for Nebraska that Carol is literally glaring at the string of Walker ears outside Daryl’s tent. Is she glaring at the ears in the sense that they killed her daughter or is she staring at them from the point of view that her daughter was one and maybe she resents Daryl for stringing up their ears? The string of ears is going to play some part. I don’t blieve it’s just a cast off part of Daryl’s character.

    1. Steven says:

      I think it’s just Carol realizes how twisted Deryl really is. Or maybe it turns her on and they bonk heads, who knows.

  4. Jimbo says:

    Hey there, maybe somebody has mentioned this already – but lots of “regular” handguns have ~18-round clips without modification. 9mm Glocks (and their many clones) used to be standard with 17-round (and even 19-round) clips from the manufacturer, before the US Federal Assault Weapons Ban of 2007 (which limited capacity to 10). They don’t stick out of the bottom. It used to be legal to get 33-round mags, which did stick out of the bottom. You can actually still legally buy the 17/19-round mags (I believe) on the secondary market.

    I seem to recall Shane using a Glock or Glock-like pistol, which are favorites in the law enforcement community. Against real humans, cops use 10mm, or .40 or .45 caliber; which are larger rounds and the magazines hold fewer. I could see hothead, macho Shane preferring a .45 ACP. Cops don’t tend to fire many rounds when they do, and need body-shot stopping power over raw capacity.

    In the zombie apocalypse however, magazine capacity would be king! Since you need a precision headshot to stop them anyway – already difficult with a handgun – then a 9mm with hollow-point rounds would probably be preferred, just because you can cram alot more of them in a magazine and are much lighter per-round.

    (Although, I once did have to put down a domestic sheep [in wilderness], and even with hollow points, it took multiple shots with a 9mm at point blank range, right in the forebrain, to end it’s suffering. [BTW this was perfectly legal, ethical, moral, and the right humane thing to do under the particular circumstance.])

    And about the firearm training for kids: I have two young girls (4 and 6) who are about to receive similar training, about what to do if they ever come across a firearm – e.g., assume it’s loaded, chambered, cocked, and safety off. My guns aren’t even in the same house, are disassembled, and locked in a safe. BUT: Even in liberal San Francisco Bay Area, in uber-expensive Marin County, such a high % of Americans own firearms that we can just never know in whose house they will stumble upon one. My father, being from an even more gun-crazy generation (and raised in Texas), has several assault rifles, shotguns, hunting rifles, and pistols – with few of them put away very well. (Including a loaded, sawed-off pistol-grip shotgun under the bed…one reason my girls don’t go there.)

    Many of my family-oriented, educated, professional, upper-middle-class friends from Texas have numerous firearms – some with laser sights, night scopes, bayonets, etc. (Some combinations are regulated at least.) Most of them handle them responsibly (e.g. locked in huge safes), but not all. Many of them are licensed for concealed carry – and do so regularly. BTW, none of them hunt. (While I personally don’t agree with their decisions to carry, I do actually understand and grudgingly agree somewhat with their reasons: to exercise their rights lest they be taken away, and as at least token balance to an increasingly militaristic police state. Either way, I know of no one in the San Francisco Bay Area that carries – zero – legally or otherwise. I actually went through all the training and paperwork for concealed handgun carry in Texas, but an ancient and erroneous business sales tax issue stalled it. I didn’t want it bad enough to go through 6 more months of paperwork for it, nor do I believe I would have actually exercised it.)

    I personally believe pistols are completely useless for self-defense – too inaccurate at distance and hand-to-hand skills are more effective for close-quarters, even against a gun-wielding opponent. (My concealed carry training made that viscerally clear in some memorable, physical staged demonstrations.) But in a zombie apocalypse, you’d be an idiot not to carry one! That said, my weapon of choice would be a 12-gauge shotgun. Maybe with a slightly shorter barrel and a pistol grip. (In reality, I’d give real consideration to carrying three: a 9mm handgun [essential for close-quarter zombie emergencies], a shotgun as a primary weapon, and a non-carbine [regular barrel length] assault rifle with a scope, for taking out at range and general versatility. (But if you’ve never held a loaded assault rifle, you’d be surprised at how freakin’ HEAVY they are. You’d have to sacrifice other important gear and water to carry one, esp. as a third weapon. Therefore, a group “squad” arrangement would be important – some with just pistols, ammo, water, and gear, some with shotguns and a little less gear, and others with assault rifles and even less gear.)

    In the states, NO training is required to own firearms, even handguns – unless you apply for a concealed carry license (which depending on the state any one can do and no reason is needed). In fact, I can’t think of a single person or family, across the country, that I KNOW for a fact does not own at least one firearm. That doesn’t mean they all do, but it’s likely most of them do. (I suppose there are useful statistics on that much more reliable than my own musings.)

    But back to kids: This is a nation obsessed with guns. Georgia even more so. Not knowing what to do with a gun, should a child stumble across one, could – and odds are would – be fatal to a child! (Granted I wouldn’t think to teach a child how to shoot one until, say, 12 or so. But my 6 yo has the logic, dexterity, and reasoning skills to properly handle (or more importantly to not handle), say, a handgun discovered under someone’s pillow. (Yes, gun-crazy Americans do that all the time.)

    Oh one more thing: You guys talked about Shane probably being really fast at changing clips. Changing clips fast seems to be an obsession with many pistol fans, and impresses people at shooting ranges. But the reality is, that ammo clips don’t grow on trees. Especially in a resource-limited zombie apocalypse, nobody is going to be just popping empty clips out onto the street, like they do in shoot-em-up movies. They will VERY CAREFULLY store the empty ones somewhere, before placing a loaded replacement in (assuming they have the focus and fine-motor skill to do so while adrenaline is pumping). Losing an empty pistol clip would get you killed sometime later! (Not to mention, just letting your empty brass go to waste on the ground probably wouldn’t be realistic in a real zombie apocalypse either – it would be worth risking your life to recover your spent casings. Particularly since ammo will be the currency post-apocalypse. But that would be boring to watch.)

    Even though I don’t consider myself a gun-nut, I am not immune to the culture I’m embedded in. To illustrate how pervasive guns are here: long ago in my younger, more childless, and more irresponsible days, I once left a loaded handgun in a corporate apartment nightstand, after vacating it. Just totally forgot it was ever even there. No biggy, the cleaning staff just gave it to someone who said they knew me, who then handed it to me in the parking lot as if it were just a cell phone or something and people lose pistols all the time. (At least they handled it as if it were the loaded pistol it was.)

    Anyway, I recently discovered your podcast and really like it. Thanks!

    BTW, even though I’m not a gun nut (at least relative to, say, the average Texan), I was a bird and game hunter as a kid, have fired just about every kind of weapon including shotguns, hunting rifles, assault rifles, and pistols (including a .45 magnum which is probably what Rick’s hand-cannon revolver is), and would love to help if you ever have any gun-related questions or conundrums.


    1. Bishop says:

      This was an awesome post Jim. Personally, I have never fired a gun in my life and probably wouldn’t know how. I think i would just stick with hammers 😉

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