Daryl and Isabelle have to deal with Quinn as they try to make their way through Paris and get Laurent to safety. Meanwhile Genet and her warriors overtake Paris in her continued persuit of the American . Tune in for our chat about TWD: Daryl Dixon season 1 episode 4, “La Dame de Fer”.

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  1. In regards to the ongoing comments about the vintage weapons in use in the Daryl Dixon series, I think that the main reason is that in Europe an UK there is not the same culture of gun ownership, particularly in the UK where there are very strict laws regarding this. Even most of our cops are still unarmed. Yes, in France the police are armed so there maybe some more guns about, but nothing like the amount that would be available in the original show. And guess what, we don’t get loads of mass shootings, despite being just as angry and nuts as our American cousins.

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