The Talking Dead #65: “The Walking Dead Board Games”

Hey Everybody,

We’re back with our first podcast of 2012 (yes, I know I said 2011 to open the show… I’m a boob). Jason and I respond to some listener feedback, run down all the latest Walking Dead news, and offer our thoughts on both Walking Dead board games.

Don’t forget we’ve got a prediction show coming up on Jan 30th, so make sure you send in all the crazy (or not-so-crazy) predictions you have. I’ll throw the names of everybody who submits something into The Talking Dead hat and choose one lucky person to receive a Walking Dead related prize. Good luck!

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3 comments on The Talking Dead #65: “The Walking Dead Board Games”

  1. Bishop says:

    Did you just say “out-gas”? As in “Pardon me, I out-gassed”.

  2. monica says:

    i’m so sad, apparently one of my listener predictions is completely wrong! oh well, just gotta think up some more! glad you guys are back, we’ve missed you!

  3. tdl_auburn says:

    Hustla could be euphamism for Hustler. Here in the states somtimes people that want to sound “gangster” will often take words ending with “er” and change it to one ending with an “ah” sound. For example… “Gangster”…”Gangstah.” Remember, T-Dog’s line in an earlier episode calling another character out for shooting his pistol sideways. He used the word “Gangster” in describe it.

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