The Talking Dead #66: “A Pack of Dinosaurs”

Hey Folks,

Dave joins us this week for our season 2 second half listener prediction episode. Thanks to everybody who send in their predictions for the rest of season 2 of The Walking Dead. It was lots of fun to read them, and it’ll be even more to see what does and doesn’t come true.

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3 comments on The Talking Dead #66: “A Pack of Dinosaurs”

  1. tdl_auburn says:

    We know the farm will be overrun because in one of the previews is shows zombies spilling out of a second floor window onto a lower roof. We know tension between Shane and Rick will mount because we saw clips of them fighting. We know Shane’s car is totaled because we see it flipping and rolling..we Shane with a bloody mouth, running from zombies. We see Carl being attacked by a zombie. We see Carl pointing his pistol at something. We also see them back in a city type scape because Rick says, “To Hell with the noise* and point his weapon, moving forward. Lots of good clips online and on tv right now. Definitely a lot more action to come.

    1. tdl_auburn says:

      Also seen a clip of Carol backing up against the barn and screaming. So maybe she is attacked?

  2. Fan of the show says:

    Discovered your podcast in my desperation to intake more Walking Dead related media during the mid-season break. Listened through a lot of your back-catalogue. Just wanted to let you know that it has more than satisfied me, and I can’t wait to listen on a week by week basis when the show returns shortly.

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