We’re already half way through the first season of The Ones Who Live! This week on the podcast Jason and I recap and discuss the third episode of season 1, “Bye”.

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  1. Hi Chris & Jason,
    Long time listener from England, UK and first time emailing in. I usually just enjoy hearing feedback from others but felt compelled to email in following a call in the feedback section of The Ones Who Live, Episode 2 – Gone’. Apologies if this has been covered since then but I haven’t yet watched episode 3.

    Mike from Cumbria, England referred to Rick & Michone as “playing victims like Meghan Markle and the prince guy”. It was jarring to hear Jason wholeheartedly agree with this. Bearing in mind you both claimed “to not know a lot about the royal family”.

    I’ll preface this with saying I’m not a royalist or president of the Meghan Markle fan club but I’m just a guy who’s acutely aware of the attacks she has suffered from right wing media that had a racist undertone, particularly here in UK. Fair enough, if Jason felt that Meghan & Prince Harry shouldn’t complain about privacy whilst doing media interviews/talk shows etc that’s a valid point.

    However, by not separating the two issues they have faced and just calling them “professional victims” was disappointing. Always had you two guys as chilled out, liberal guys. Not on same venn diagram of “typical” Meghan Markle haters…

    Lastly, “they always play the victim” is the kind of dismissive rhetoric, people of colour are used to hearing if they complain about racism so it was an “interesting” turn of phrase for the caller to use when talking about the character of Michone.

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