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Everything is back to normal this week and Jason and I are happy to post episode #71 of the podcast. Of course this week we’re recapping “Judge, Jury, Executioner”, but we also have Holy Crap! Did You See That?, Listener Feedback, and Next Week on The Walking Dead.

As always, thanks for tuning in and let us know what you think!

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  1. Dale was worried about the rule of law. Sorry if the dead come back to “life” and start eating people never mind the rule of law. The law of reality and certainity just shifted. And it’s not in the living’s favor.

    New world, new “rules”. Dale’s wanting to hold on to something that quite frankly didn’t exist anymore is what got him killed.

    Adapt or die, Shane has it figured out. I’d like to rewatch the series and see how many more people would be alive if they followed Shane from the beginning.

    • I think what got Dale killed was wandering ALONE in the dark. He is supposed to be one of the folks watching out for the others. What is he doing by himself and how does he get ambushed in an open field on a moonlit night?

  2. Holy Crap! I had a thought. Carl took the pistol from Daryl’s bike. What if we come upon a moment where Daryl EXPECTS that gun to be there, NEEDS that gun to be there and he goes into his saddlebags and *poof* its gone! Now he’s in trouble…

      • I don’t think enough enough time has passed in the show for Merle to have taken leadership of a group, especially in his weakened condition. But I guess if Carl can be up and taunting zombies so soon after taking one in the chest, anything is possible. I think everyone on this show is related to Wolverine.

      • I think he will be a member of the group not the leader. Merl seems like he would fit right in with them… Could Daryl take on his own brother for the protection of Ricks group? Would love to see how that scenario would play out.

    • Bishop – this is just like the old theater rule: If you show a gun in the first act, it *must* be used in the second act.

      I totally expect Carl’s removal of the gun to adversely affect Daryl in the near future. (it’s not like AMC didn’t give it away with their promos)

  3. Hi guys, really enjoy the show. I’m in the middle of listening to it right now and paused to come comment after you said you were making an effort to shorten the recaps. Just thought I’d say I actually really like the long play by play recap, if only because I have an awful memory 😉

  4. Guys…guys… If you watch closely enough, the hammer of the gun falls and then all goes black and then we hear the gun shot….They say that if you’re shot and immediately killed, you won’t hear the gunshot. The bullet travels faster than sound. So going black and hearing the shot after, was kinda cool.

  5. I had a “holy crap did you see that?” moment in this last episode that I wanted to share. The Zombie guards had no bites, they were scratched (supposedly). Shane kills a zombie with a knife, then uses that same knife to cut his hand (in the bus) which he lost in the zombie’s head. So is that Shane’s foreshadowed demise, he turns into a walker? Love the show guys!

  6. I think the “Hero zombie” (one that killed Dale), is ..Kevin Galbraith he was an extra I got when i searched an few days ago.

  7. they had a mini-series a long time ago about that book recommended ‘The Stand’, i haven’t read the book either. But the mini-series was good!

  8. I think that the Genner (not sure if spelled correctly) secret is that everyone is infected and Rick is trying to keep it a secret from the group. When Shane seen the two guard zombies that didn’t have bites and pointed it out to Rick, he seemed like he was hiding something. He didn’t find it curious at all. He suggested scratches and wanted to move on from the subject. Any one else would of probably gave it more thought…. Then again that was my interpretation of the scene. You die and your a zombie!!!

  9. I think you guys have completely missed the mark when it comes to Carl and the “hero” zombie not being directly related. When he finds the zombie stuck in the mud, it doesn’t appear to be just standing there and not making any progress in freeing itself. Only after Carl decided to taunt the zombie, did it twist and pull itself loose. Presumably, Carl made a beeline for the farm after he escaped the grip of the zombie, which the zombie could have easily followed. My take is that particular zombie wouldn’t have found the farm, cow, or Dale, had Carl not taunted and freed the zombie in the first place. If it were some other random roaming walker that killed Dale, I’d be more inclined to agree with you, but in this case, it seems pretty clear that Carl’s actions resulted in the zombie making it to the farm.

  10. Not sure if it has been brought up, but in this episode we get a little insight on the gun Shane brought back after killing Ottis. When Dale and Daryl are talking Daryl tells him that he knows Shane killed Ottis because he brought back a dead mans gun. He even says it was obviose to Rick as well but Rick isnt bothered by it enough to bring it up.

    Just figured Id mention it since the gun is brought up a few times in the podcast.

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