History was made on the podcast this week. It’s the first time a listener has named the show (albeit unknowingly). If you want to find out what that title means, or listen to us recap and debate “Better Angels”, you’ll have to tune in.

You can find the “On The Media” segment mentioned right here.

Also note, I know some of you have been experiencing really slow downloads of the show, and I wanted to let you know we’re looking into it. Thanks for listening, and being patient with us while we experience some growing pains.

As always, thanks for listening!

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    • Hi Alex, we’re having some trouble with bandwidth and I think iTunes hasn’t picked it up off our feed yet. I hope to have it fixed soon.



  1. I think that Randal’s group belongs to the Governor and were sent out as a 30 man scouting group. Very soon, the Governor will become aware that there are some survivors in the area that he can exploit. There are many more survivors back in Woodbury and the Governor doesn’t care if his people are out raping and pillaging the area. It also makes sense about why they left the father of girls alive after they had victimized them.

  2. Just finished the podcast. I want to mention a few thing.

    When Shane return from killing Randal, Rick already knew something didn’t add up. Rewatch that scene and pay attention to rick’s expression. This was further re-enforce when *Rick* decided to
    go with Shane and pair off Daryl and Glenn.

    When Shane was point the gun at Rick, Rick was using his cop training “negotiate” with a hostage/suicide victim. Shane should have know what he was trying to do and shot him.

  3. Hi Guys, I love your show!

    I believe that the herd of zombies were actually the bad guys that were camped 5 miles up the road. It may be that a zombie or 2 infected their band and they are now wandering to the farm.

    Eileen from N. Carolina
    (Which also rhymes with fun!)

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