The Talking Dead #74: “National Understatement Day”

Hi Everybody,

Jason and I welcome Lisa from on the show this week to chat about Daryl Dixon, his motorcycle, and gender roles as they’re portrayed on The Walking Dead. We also have a few news items to discuss, as well as some Holy Crap! Did You See That? moments.

In the news this week:

  • The season finale sets new ratings record.
  • Danai Guriri cast as Michonne
  • Glen Mazzara on season 3 & 4
  • Michael Rooker returning to The Walking Dead

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3 comments on The Talking Dead #74: “National Understatement Day”

  1. Samantha says:

    Hi just wanted to say that this was one of my favorite podcasts to date, I love Daryl and was very happy when I found out this podcast was almost entirly about him. Keep up the great podcasts.

  2. Malone79 says:

    During the podcast, It was spoke about Meryl’s bike SS logo, an it could be in reference for his military background(on the roof/dehydrated/stockade speech scene), an I remember some soldiers not that long ago getting in trouble with a flag they had for their sniper squad with the SS logo, perhaps he was a sniper when he served?, he was picking them off nicely in season 1.

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