The Talking Dead #76: “Emily Kinney Interview”

This week on The Talking Dead Jason and I welcome Emily Kinney (Beth) on the show to chat about her part in season 2 of The Walking Dead, and her music career. We also do some quick TWD news, HC! DYST?, and listener feedback. Thanks for tuning in!

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3 comments on The Talking Dead #76: “Emily Kinney Interview”

  1. tdl_auburn says:

    Hey guys. I wanted to comment on how television viewers who are unfamiliar with the comics may have reacted to Michonne’s appearance. I’ve never read the comics but through research was somewhat familiar with the character before watching the episode (just the basics). The Katana didn’t seem far fetched to me at all. We’ve seen lots of different things being used to kill zombies. Heck, Andrea killed one with a screw driver to the ege and Lori killed one with a turn signal lever. What seemed to take me a little out of reality was indeed the chained walkers to Michonne and the cloak she was wearing. She looked like the character Death, right out of a mideval story book. It deep seem a little out of place compared to everything we know about the world from the tv series so far. Though I am very interested to learn who Michonne is, it was a moment that seemed a little out of place for me. I wasn’t prepared to see her this season. I’m sure in season 3 whe the hood of the cloak is lowered and she explains who she is to Andrea that we’ll float back into reality, but for now it’s let me wondering if the show will suddenly branch out into even more strange things, like this. I hope not.

    1. Kent Vandergrift says:

      I have a bit of concern for this, both Michonne and the Governor are way over the top characters who work great in a comic but not so much in a television program that tries to base itself in reality. Well, as real as possible for a show set in a Zombie Apocalypse. TWD is going to have to try and find a balance in keeping true to the characters without them appearing to over the top.

      As for Michonne, I assumed the walkers did try to attack her because of the cloak, they are walking behind her and with her coving her head the way she does they cannot really see or smell her. On top of that, other zombies would see her walking with her “little friends” and since they can’t really see her either, they would think she is just another walker. Just how I see it.

      This was a great show and Ms. Kinney seems like a real sweetheart.

      1. Kent Vandergrift says:

        Sorry ment to say – did NOT try to attack her. Brain moving faster than fingers.

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